Technology Information

Other Synthesis Technologies

In addition to the technologies mentioned in the product flow chart, we also possess the following synthesis technologies.

1 (Meth) acrylation reaction

Chemical reaction formula

We possess various synthesis technologies such as direct oxidation processes and transesterification methods.

2 Glycidyl etherification reaction

Chemical reaction formula

By appropriately using a variety of different synthesis technologies such as chlorohydrin ether and direct ether methods and by using our wide variety of glycol ethers as raw materials, we are developing various functional glycol ethers (monomer) with modified terminal hydroxyl groups.

3 Reductive amination reaction

3-1 Hydrogenation reaction, Chemical reaction formula

We possess the technology for the amination of carbonyl compounds.
We can create high pressure reactions by using hydrogen, and produces various amine compounds by using this technology.

3-2 Eschweiler-Clarke reaction (N-methylation using formaldehyde), Chemical reaction formula

We possess the technology for the methylation of primary or secondary amines.
By leveraging this technology, we can produce amine compounds that meet the needs of our customers.