Introduction to Organizations and Facilities

Our Research and Development Division is composed of Technology Research Center and Project Planning & Development Department.
These units and their facilities are introduced below.

Technology Research Center

Technology Research Center is based in the R&D Center, which is located in the same site as our Kawasaki Plant.
It is composed of Research Dept.1 to 3, and Research Management Dept., making a total of four units.

Research Dept. 1

This department is mainly in charge of research and development for surfactants, technical follow-ups and customer services.
Surfactants are used not only as pesticide emulsifiers (from which our company’s name is derived), but also in a wide range of applications such as surfactants for emulsion polymerization, detergents, penetrating agents, wetting agents, and dispersing agents.

Research Dept. 2

This department is mainly in charge of research and development of glycol ethers and dialkyl glycol ethers, technical follow-ups and customer services.
Glycol ethers and dialkyl glycol ethers are used in household detergents, paints, toners, automobile brake fluids and other products.

Research Dept. 3

This department is mainly in charge of research and development of amines, technical follow-ups and customer services.
Amines are used in polymer flocculant raw materials for water treatment, gas absorbents and other applications.
The laboratory is also in charge of research into products to be newly developed such as proprietary ionic liquids by applying our technologies.

Technology Research Management Dept.

This department is in charge of document management such as intellectual properties and contracts, management of legal regulations on chemical products, and other general office administration of the Technology Research Institute.

Project Planning & Development Dept.

This department is based in our head office and is mainly in charge of introduction of newly developed products and development of new applications for existing products.

Research Facilities

R&D Center

The R&D Center, the hub of research and development at Nippon Nyukazai, was completed in August 2012 and is located in the same site as our Kawasaki Plant.
As it is adjacent to our production facilities, the center is able to achieve highly efficient research and development.



  • LaboratoryLaboratoryThe laboratory table for synthesis experiments has a hood and is equipped with an exhaust system.
  • Clean RoomClean RoomAn ICP-MS (inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer) has been installed for research and development into low-metallic products.
  • Dry RoomDry RoomThe laboratory has equipment to make batteries and electrodes for battery-related experiments.
    It is also climate controlled to keep the dew-point temperature at about -50°C.

Analytical instruments

  • GC-MS with odor sensing instrumentsGC-MS with odor sensing instruments
  • LC-QtofLC-Qtof

Experimental and prototype equipment

Autoclave Pressure resistance 1.0 to 20 MPa, Capacity 0.3 to 30 L)
Reactor and refiner (SUS and glass lining) Capacity 80 to 100 L
Batch distillation tower Bottom capacity 40 L, 100 L
Emulsifying apparatus Capacity 5 L, 200 L

Distillation apparatus

DistillatoryBatch distillation tower (40L)
Installed in the R&D Center