Technology Information

Product Flow Chart

We create various products by exploiting the below-mentioned and other synthesis technologies.

EO and PO addition polymerization, Aliphatic alcohol
, Polycyclic phenol, Non-ion surface active agent, Anionization reaction, Anion surface active agent, Combination model surface active agent, EO and PO addition polymerization, Distillation, Glycol ether, Alkylation to Ether, Dialkyl glycol ether, Alkyl amine, Amino alcohol, Cyclodehydration, Alkyl morpholine, Phenol or Bisphenol A, TMP or PNT, Glycol ether, EO:Ethylene oxide, PO:Propylene oxide, TMP:Trimethylolpropane, PNT:Pentaerythritol

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