Example of Product Applications


We provide cleaning products that make use of the functions of surfactants and glycol ether.

Anionic surfactants

Newcol® 1305-SN

Newcol® 2503-SFL

These agents are very effective at removing oil and fat.

Newcol® 707-SF

This agent is low foaming and has superior capabilities for emulsifying oil.

Nonionic surfactants

Newcol® 1000 Series

This agent has superior capabilities for reducing dynamic surface tension.

Newcol® NT Series

This agent has superior handling, even at low temperatures and has good biodegradability.

DMH Series

This agent shows good dynamic properties and exerts surface active performance in fast-fluid, high-speed processes such as spray cleaning, quick painting and pigment dispersion.

Glycol Ether

Glycol ether has a hydrophobic alkyl group, hydrophilic ether group and hydroxyl group in its molecule, and shows solubility suitable for both non-polar and polar compounds. Therefore, it is mixed with water and organic solvents in any ratio and it also shows solubility into resins.

In addition to detergents in general, it is used as detergents for precision electronic parts such as semiconductors and liquid crystal displays. It has a lower environmental burden than halogen bases.

EO-based glycol ether

BDG(diethylene glycol monobutyl ether)

It is powerful at dissolving oils and fats, and shows a swelling effect on oil stains that are formed from modified polymers.
By fully making use of these excellent characteristics, it is possible to use BDG in a wide range of businesses and industries as detergents for use in factories, households and elsewhere.


Dialkyl Glycol Ether

Dialkyl glycol ether is obtained by replacing hydrogen at the terminal of glycol ether with an alkyl group. It shows a far higher solubility than glycol ether and it is used as a dissolution aid. As it can be mixed with water and organic solvents in any ratio, as also is the case with glycol ether, detergent design is easy.
As a detergent, it is mainly used to clean metallic machine parts.