Product Introduction

Nippon Nyukazai provides over 500 types of products utilizing the addition polymerization of ethylene oxide (EO) and propylene oxide (PO) as its core technology and applying organic syntheses such as the alkylation and anionization of alcohols. Regardless of whether the lot scale is large or small, we provide customers with products with optimum functionality by adjusting the EO and PO while freely combining their sequences.

[ Surfactants ]

Surfactants perform functions such as emulsification, dispersion, and cleaning, and are used for a wide range of purposes including agricultural pesticides, paint, and resin additives. They also form the main raw material of detergents. We have a lineup of approximately 300 types of surfactants.

[ Glycol Ether ]

The variety of products manufactured by us in the category of glycol ethers is unparalleled in the world. Additionally, we produce low-odor and low-metallic glycol ether using our proprietary purification technologies.
Glycol ethers are mainly used in paint, ink, detergent and electronic material solvents.
Out of the different types of glycol ethers, dialkyl glycol ether not only dissolves polymers but also disperses metals, which allows it to be used in electronic material solvents and for the synthesis of pharmaceutical products.
In addition, aromatic, aliphatic and ester-type glycol ethers are mainly used as raw materials in polymers such as acrylic and polyester.

[ Amine ]

We are the only company in Japan that manufactures amino alcohols and alkyl morpholines in this product group. Amino alcohols are used as a basic raw material in environmental materials that improve air and water qualities. On the other hand, alkyl morpholines are used for urethane foam and pharmaceutical product syntheses.

[ Ionic Liquid AMINOION® ]

We have launched onto the market AMINOION®, a halogen-free ionic liquid that we have created by combining our accumulated technologies. AMINOION® can be used as an anti-static agent, anti-fogging agent, ultra-hydrophilic agent, wetting agent and anti-redeposition agent. In addition, we are aiming to develop new applications such as surfactants for emulsion polymerization.