October 16, 2018
We will make a presentation at “The 6th Asian-Pacific Congress on Ionic Liquid & Green Processes”.

We will present papers on the results of collaborative research with the group of Prof. Ouchi belong to Tokyo Institute of Technology at the 6th Asian-Pacific Congress on Ionic Liquid & Green Processes (APCIL-6). In our study, angle-revolved X-ray photograph spectroscopy (ARXPS) has been carried out to understand the relationship between the surface condition and antistatic performance of polymers added our novel Ionic Liquids.

【The 6th Asian-Pacific Congress on Ionic Liquid & Green Processes】

Host: Ionic Liquid Research Association Japan
Dates: October 31 – November 3, 2018
Venue: Yonago Convention Center “BiG SHiP”

Dates(Oral presentation)   :November 1, 2018 15:45 -16:00
Dates(Poster presentation):November 1, 2018 13:00 -15:00
Title:Novel Antistatic Reagent of Ionic Liquids : Antistatic and Surface Properties Studied by XPS Spectroscopy

We have developed AMINOION®, halogen-free Ionic liquid that is a proprietary design that applies our production technology. We also aim to develop new applications of Ionic liquids with features like antistatic.