Management Philosophy and Management Policy

Management philosophy

As a company leading the way to an affluent future, we will contribute to society by providing chemical products that contribute to the improvement, protection and cleaning of both natural environment and the environments in which we live.

Mid-to-long term direction

Based on our management philosophy, we defined what our ideal status in 2025 would be, set up our Vision for 2020 and a Code of Conduct as milestones along the way, and are focusing on fulfilling the above.

[ Our Ideal Status in 2025 ]

Become a company that generates profits in a stable manner in all circumstances and offers attractive products.

[ Vision for 2020 ]

  • Become a company that continues to attract customers with high-quality and unique chemicals.
  • Become a company that continues to grow with its customers with a global vision and activities.
  • Become a company that through technology realizes an affluent society, including reducing environmental burdens.
  • Create a lively and healthy workplace for working without stress.
  • Create workplaces worth working for and where employees can take pride in their work.
  • Create workplaces where expertise valuable to society can be enhanced.

[ Code of Conduct ]

  • Employees shall understand role that is expected of them, think and make proposals on their own initiative, and act proactively. [Sense of ownership]
  • Employees shall set clear deadlines and incorporate PDCA in their activities. [Plan]
  • Employees shall execute tasks and solve problems based on thorough discussions (communication).[Execution]
  • Employees shall tackle difficulties in a constructive manner.[Challenge]
  • Employees shall identify customer requests and work towards mutual growth.[Work closely with customers]
  • Employees shall learn independently and increase their value. [Skill improvement]
  • Employees shall value human nature and respect each other.[Respect for diversity]